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Written by: Patrick Oborn - May 24, 2016

Why shouldn't shopping for a dedicated Internet service be as simple as shopping for a plane trip to Hawaii? In the past the process of getting pricing for dedicated internet service has been anything but simple but that has just changed. Today getting a t1 line price is as simple as entering your information and hitting "enter". With GeoQuote software brokers are now offering real-time T1 prices just like you had hoped you could get when you started your search.

GeoQuote is a software recently released that allows brokers to give real-time pricing to those seeking service. The software is doing for the telecom industry what Sabre did for the travel industry. In the 60's AMR, the parent company of American Airlines created software and then began licensing it to the public. This software backed by massive databases was spun off in the form of "Sabre" which owns Travelocity and licenses this software to travel brokers and websites.

If the creators of GeoQuote follow the same path as Sabre, this software will be the industry standard and brokers will have to use this software to enable their customer to get quotes in real time. While some brokers are able to run a profitable business without giving out real-time information these brokers will soon see their profitability reduce as they spend more time gathering information than actually dealing with customers. If you're currently searching for service, make sure you find a broker that uses Geoquote software.

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